What is a dietitian?

A dietitian is a specialist health professional in the field of nutrition.

What’s the difference between a dietitian and nutritionist?
Why do you charge extra for a meal plan?

A meal plan serves to support your healthy food journey by guiding you with regards to healthier eating behaviours and choices, as well as to empower you regarding portion control and portion sizes. It is an extra cost due to the fact that it is compiled according to your measurements, nutritional requirements, preferences and schedule. The information gathered during your first consult will be used to put your meal plan together.

We can discuss during our consult if we feel it would be beneficial to you. A meal plan is an extra cost due to the fact that it is personalised, based on in-depth information and measurements gathered during your initial assessment. I am not a fan of generic meal plans and find that, most of the time, they provide minimal benefit to clients and often serve to confuse them further. Therefore, if a meal plan is required, it is better to have one that is personalised to your specific details.